Local Ocean, the new release from John Nilsen & SWIMFISH was released Jan., 2017.  Eleven Nilsen originals were captured in live basic tracks and flushed out with vocals.  Co-produced by Bob Stark and John Nilsen, Local Ocean offers the fundemental folk/rock element of SWIMFISH while pushing deeper into rock and breaking new ground.  Local Ocean is highlighted with top notch songwriting, arranging and world class performances by John Nilsen, Don Woodward, Mike Snyder, Dave Captein & Bob Logue.   The 2013 John Nilsen release, Wild Rose, features ten Nilsen written compositions, each recorded with a different combination of first rate Portland, Oregon based musicians and co-produced by Bob Stark and John Nilsen.  Wild Rose is already being heralded as a Nilsen classic. 

Based upon his prolific discography of 19 recordings selling well over one million copies, plus another 15 CDs licensed around the globe, he was chosen to be a Deering Banjo Aritst in 2016 and has now added banjo to his composing and performing.  Also, in recognition of his outstanding achievements, dedicated efforts and leadership in the field of the performing arts, John was also awarded the Most Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1995 from Southern Oregon University, the top of honor of SOU graduates.

John's first two books of sheet music "Selected Piano Works of John Nilsen" and "Selected Piano Works of John Nilsen, Vol. 2" are available, each including ten Nilsen compositions, including favorites Dakota Rose, The Wild Blue, Coming Home and Something About Candlelight. Cost is $18. per songbook plus $3.00 shipping within the United States.

John Nilsen's seventeenth recording on Magic Wing, and most recent solo piano CD, Places I Go, was released Feb. 16, 2010 and is John's first solo piano recording in twenty-four years. Places I Go, features nine Nilsen originals with two additional tracks and features John's distinct piano sound combining elements of folk, jazz and classical music. John Nilsen once again delivered a collection of music which demonstrates why he has been a leader in instrumental music for twenty-five years. Places I Go is a must have for any Nilsen fan and is now available. 

John Nilsen's previous release on Magic Wing is a folk-rock recording featuring John's vocal and guitar work with his band, Swimfish.  John Nilsen and Swimfish is an inspired collection of twelve Nilsen originals like nothing you've heard before from John and is extremely well done. Driven by acoustic guitar and rich vocal harmonies, this is the first recording John has released of guitar and vocal songs. The late Dan Peek, original member of the rock group, AMERICA, says, "Major kudos on your new CD. The music is superb, the lyrics inspired and the production/arranging is top notch. The songwriting hangs together well and the tracks flow, carving out a groove as natural as a river carves a canyon. You deserve to be heard!"

All John Nilsen CDs and sheet music books are available by calling Magic Wing at 503.657.4018 or by ordering from the Magic Wing or John Nilsen websites.


John, who has performed in all fifty U.S. States countless times has toured Japan and Europe, including tours in 2013 and 2015.  Nilsen continues to perform throughout the United States with regularity. For a complete viewing of John's performances please click on "live" at or

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